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Wooden and Stone Burners and Holders

Take a look at our lovely selection of completely Handcrafted Wooden and Hand carved Soapstone incense burners. Some of the wooden holders have a place for incense storage for sticks and cones. These are all handcrafted so color, finish and design will vary.

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Wooden Incense Holders Celestial Rosewood Box Incense Burner Wooden Round
Wooden Incense Holders
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Celestial Rosewood Box
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Incense Burner Wooden Round
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Handcrafted wooden incense single stick holder. These burners are one of the most common type of burner for stick incense. They are inexpensive but work very well. These are a product of India..  Available with Inlays: Sun (12), Moon (12) Elephant (12) Peace Sign (5), Yin Yang (7). 10"length 1.5" wide, made in India. A very striking hand crafted Rosewood box with decorated brass inlay of a crescent moon and stars on both ends. It is hinged from the backside for easy access. This Celestial Rosewood box can hold your scented resins (ambers),dipped cotton ball that was soaked in your favorite attar/essential oil and/or stash some of your favorite cones. With it's beautiful carvings the aroma lingers the area outside the box. This box is approximately 4.5 inches by 1.75 inches. Made in India. Great for burning incense sticks and cones in its metal plated center. It is also made to include a narrow ash catcher as part of the design. This is hand carved from hard wood. Completely handcrafted in India. Quite attractive 4" in diameter burner. Flower Carved Multi-Purpose Burner it holds 1 cone and 5 sticks.
Stone Hand Incense Burner 3" with OM symbol Cone and Incense stick holder Black Stone Ash Catchers Sun design
This incense holder is very similar to the 6" version only half the size it is also carved in the shape of an open hand with an OM symbol carved into the palm. This piece is also handcrafted in India. The hand is approx. 6 incense long.
Beautiful Indian hand carved soap stone cone and incense holder. Sun, Star and Moon dish. This is a multi-purpose holder for cone and/or incense. Turn lid of dish upside down to burn sticks. Fair trade cottage in India. Height 2" and colors vary. Black stone ash catcher and incense stick and cone holder. These are hand crafted  from black soapstone with a happy sun design. There is also a cutout for burning incense cones. These are very attractive and are approximately 10 inches long.
Wooden Tower Incense Burner Natural Clay Open Hand Incense Holder Multi-Purpose Wooden Incense Burner with Storage
This is a very striking hand crafted wooden incense holder / burner, it will hold both stick and cone incense easily. It is decorated with the brass inlay of an elephant. It is hinged from the front for easy access. This burner stands about twelve inches tall. Made in India. Natural clay offering hand for incense holder will accommodate most all types of incense Tibetan, Indian and some Japanese. This is a very attractive piece and will compliment any personal space.  Created by the Fair Trade cottage community. Approx. 2.5" long and 1" wide. A beautiful multi-purpose wooden incense burner with brass inlay
of sun, moon and stars. This will accommodate cones (2), sticks, Tibetan and Japanese Incense. There is another nice feature, it has a hidden incense storage. Very nice heavy built. If you can't find it email me.... The burner is approx. 12" long.
Incense Holder Serenity Hands 4.5 inches Stone Hand Incense Burner 6" with OM symbol
A delightful incense holder is a casting with the two hands clapped together in the well accepted sign of compassion and peace. This holder is approx. 4.5 incense high and is black in color. This is a lovely addition to and household. Handcrafted in India.
This is a very attractive incense holder carved in the shape of an open hand with an OM symbol carved into the palm. This is a very unique burner hand carved from soapstone. It is made in India. The hand is approx. 6 incense long x approx. 3 inches wide Great addition to any home.